Lars Maydell builds his work as key note speaker on his deep rooted understanding of the development and unleashing of leadership talent. He actively keynotes conferences, summits, and corporate events. He is also available to speak to smaller teams and executives.

Lars has worked in the past 20 years with hundreds of senior leaders around the world. Based on his various professional identities as business coach and trusted advisor, executive search consultant and talent scout, top strategy consultant, M&A professional, environmentalist, and commissioned officer he penetrated the leadership science from many angles.

Lars is a thoughtful and mind-provoking speaker who built his portfolio of topics around leadership and transformation, purpose and motivation, mindfulness, sustainability and long-termism in business. Every topic is customized to his audience. He tailors his presentations at various levels necessary to connect in the best way possible.

If you’d like to work with Lars, please email him at lars@maydell.com or call him at +43 664 1934012.

Favourite topics

Career Development in a VUCA world

Lars addresses key career development challenges. In his “how to” presentation he focusses on strategies, experiences and recommendations for action to stay relevant and to lead a fulfilling career in the job market of today- and tomorrow. You will learn how to take better job decisions, to increase your competitiveness and to prepare for successful career transitions during your entire professional life.

Purpose driven leadership

In this inspirational speech Lars helps to see the strength from shifting out of ordinary management to the space of a transformational leader. Lars argues that one of the key challenges for businesses is how to find more purpose driven leaders who realise that they are in it to make a difference. Leaders, who shape companies which actually solve social problems and who keep in mind the benefit for the next generation.